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Advancing the development of life-saving drugs for cardiovascular diseases

Polygene AG


Polygene’s role will be to develop animal models for the in vivo validation of targets as defined in WP2 (Target validation – in vitro and in vivo models). For this purpose, Polygene will use its proprietary technology to generate novel CVD disease models in connection with the existing ApoL3Leiden model, as well as provide rapid and reliable targeting services to cope with evolving demands of novel targets resulting from screening work in WP1 (Target identification), or in vivo validate targets resulting from WP3 (Target validation).

Polygene is a privately held Swiss research institute, offering transgenic animal model development services to a world-wide research clientele. Founded in 2002, the company offers unique and novel transgenesis technology for reducing cohort numbers of experimental animals, and advanced gene-regulation tools. Polygene strictly applies, and whenever possible, exceeds, the strict Swiss animal welfare requirements, and is proud of running a small and excellent mouse facility with complete absence of infectious diseases throughout the company history. Polygene has constantly improved standard procedures by continuous optimization of microinjection techniques, and delivers successful projects with the industry standard of minimal animal numbers used. Beyond top-of-the-art infrastructure and SOPs, the strongest factor of a successful and healthy animal colony are motivated, well-educated and adequately paid animal caretakers; Polygene strictly adheres to these principles.

Polygene has successfully collaborated with scientists in over 300 research projects, amongst which an FP7-funded project (EUTrigTreat), structured similarly to CarTarDis, where the focus of the work is on both, acting independently in delivering solid and timely mouse models to consortia partners while maintaining excellent communication with these groups, and developing improved and advanced technology serving the consortium and improving the market position of the company.