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Advancing the development of life-saving drugs for cardiovascular diseases



Morphisto will develop immunohistochemical methods to profile and validate the chosen targets on clinical tissue samples in WP3 (Target validation – clinical tissue). On the basis of the expected results Morphisto will develop automatic analysis and screening methods particular for the defined targets in the specific project.

Being the first spin-off of the Senckenberg Museum and Research Institute, since 2005 Morphisto offers a wide range of laboratory and research services and special products for the daily routine in medical and biological laboratories. We are involved in product development, clinical studies and contract research for our partners from pharmaceutical industry and universities. Our unique selling point is the combination of the service lab with a production lab for laboratory chemicals.

In our labs for histology and immunohistochemistry we provide professional sample preparation for research and routine diagnostics and evaluations. Our service covers the complete histological and immunohistochemical sample preparation, establishing of various antibodies, development of staining protocols for immunohistochemistry and histology, and microscopic digitalisation. Furthermore our service and expertise comprises digital image analysis, application of newly developed and routine manual or automatic screenings, and illustrated reports.