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Advancing the development of life-saving drugs for cardiovascular diseases

Molecular Profiling Consulting

United Kingdom

Molecular Profiling Consulting (MPC) will translate the significant outcome from the available project data to relevant candidate drug targets. This involves direct interaction with WP1 (Target identification) and with WP4 (Drug target prioritisation). Additional bioinformatics support will be provided to the LCM-Tx/Px analyses in WP3 (Target validation – clinical tissue) where appropriate.

Molecular Profiling Consulting is a scientific research consulting company, which was founded in 2011 and is based in London, UK. MPC focuses on the molecular profiling of human disease and disease models, using bioinformatics and the analysis of biological context. Processing and analysis of high throughput transcriptomics, genomics or proteomics data is used to drive the discovery of molecular targets or biological pathways of interest. MPC provides extensive know-how in bioinformatics and molecular profiling from in-house experience and experience in previous academic and pharmaceutical industry settings covering CVD among other target areas.