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Advancing the development of life-saving drugs for cardiovascular diseases



Hjartavernd will participate in WP1 (Target identification) by providing access to data from the human cohort studies that are being performed at IHA. In close collaboration with the other partners in WP1, the cohort data will be analysed for potential drug targets which will be further selected to a shortlist of candidate CVD targets. In addition, IHA will participate in WP4 (Drug target prioritisation).

Hjartavernd (Icelandic Heart Association; IHA) is a non-profit research and health organization with 60 scientists / medical staff and is based in Iceland. It is an internationally recognized site of excellence in the epidemiology and genetics of complex disease. IHA´s research builds on its large population-based and longitudinal study cohorts with biorepository of ~60,000 biosamples linked to highly annotated clinical and laboratory data . These include for instance the Age Gene/Environment Susceptibility (AGES) study (n~6000) of the elderly and the Risk Evaluation For INfarct Estimates (REFINE) study (n~7000) of people in their midlife. IHA´s mission is to discover and integrate scientific knowledge in order to enhance the quality of human life.