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Bioneer A/S


The role of Bioneer in CarTarDis will be to develop and implement RNA ISH-technologies as a contribution to the target validation work package (WP3). The work will comprise the optimization of in situ detection protocols for ncRNAs and mRNAs and the analysis of these in human vascular tissue samples from the Socrates and BiKE biobanks.

Bioneer is an innovative research-based company with a staff of 40 employees and a history of more than 25 years of operation providing services within biomedicine and biotechnology. Bioneer is a subsidiary of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and is approved by the Danish Ministry of Science and Technology as an authorised provider of technological services. Bioneer has over the past 7 years established a state-of-the-art technology base for the in situ analyses of RNA alone or in combination with other biomolecules in cells and tissues.