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Advancing the development of life-saving drugs for cardiovascular diseases

AstraZeneca AB


AstraZeneca’s role in the project will be 1) to organize and chair an expert group in WP4 (Drug target prioritisation) for this project composed of scientists from each work package with expertise in cardiovascular drug development, and 2) to guide the target validation and prioritization process aiming to deliver validated drug targets with realistic possibilities for further drug development in the area of CVD.

AstraZeneca (AZ) is a global, innovation-driven, integrated biopharmaceutical company. As part of an overall AZ Innovative Medicines group that is focused on delivering excellence from target selection through to the end of Phase IIb trials, the Cardiovascular (CV) & Gastrointestinal (CVGI) iMed draws on decades of experience and a robust portfolio of marketed products covering broad indications. We are committed to delivering innovative medicines that make a real difference to patients with cardiovascular, metabolic and gastrointestinal diseases. Our priority cardiovascular disease areas are: atherosclerosis, diabetes and diabetic complications such as kidney complication, pancreas function, cardiovascular tissue regeneration

Our clinical studies have addressed key questions in CV diseases to improve patient treatment and health. They include examples like the GALAXY programme in atherosclerosis and the PLATO study in acute coronary syndrome (ACS). As a result, we have a portfolio of medicines that provides clinicians with the means to reduce the risk, prevalence and impact of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, thereby benefiting both patients and society. Our commitment to innovation in these areas remains strong. Our strong discovery and research capabilities, both internally and via external collaborations, comprise expertise in chemistry, bioscience, predictive and translational sciences, as well as antibody platforms. Our experiences in the area are valuable assets in building the future, as we add new innovative tools to the discovery of new medicines.