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CarTarDis dissemination activities fall 2017

Our CarTarDis collaborative project is near it’s end. With only a few weeks to go, and many exciting results of our activities becoming available in these weeks, we have a number of dissemination activities planned.

We submitted several abstracts and are pleased to announce that CarTarDis will be represented by five poster presentations at two upcoming conferences, EATRIS Translational medicine conference and the American Heart Association conference. We will update our sites with links to the posters as soon as they are available!


Conference: EATRIS Translational medicine conference

Date: 24-26 September

Prague, Czech Republic


Poster presentation:

Cardiovascular Target Discovery: CarTarDis project

Ivana Bobeldijk-Pastorova, Hans Princen, Eva Hurt-Camejo, Dennie Tempel, Maarten Sollewijn Gelpke, Vilmundur Gudnason, Kim Holmstrom, Jonathan Stauber, Stefan Nilsson, Doron Shmerling, Michael Gudo, Ulf Hedin, Jan Lindeman, Rui Wang-Sattler and Alain van Gool

We will present the CarTarDis project and the CarTarDis workflow for discovery of novel CVD targets with its several distinct phases including examples of molecular techniques and use of in vitro and in vivo preclinical models in the validation. 


Conference: AHA Scientific sessions

Date: 11-15 November

Anaheim, CA, United states

Poster presentations:

In situ Multimodal Molecular Imaging and Staining Technologies Supporting Target Validation in Cardiovascular Disease

Kim Holmstrøm, Gregory Hamm, Silvia Aldi, Juliette Masure, Serife Arda, Ivana Bobeldijk-Pastorova, Danielle van Keulen, Dennie Tempel, Eva Hurt-Camejo, Michael Gudo, Ulf Hedin, Rima Ait-Belkacem, Jonathan Stauber, Boye Nielsen, Alain van Gool, Jan Lindeman

We will present our established in situ multimodal molecular imaging and staining technology platform that enables obtaining in depth information about the (co)-localization of molecular targets and markers in atherosclerotic tissue. The individual technologies are provided across different geographic locations, accomplished through the exchange and sharing of samples and image documentation.


Adenosine Deaminase 2 inhibits adenosine driven neutrophil activation in atherosclerosis

Danielle van Keulen, Silvia Aldi, Rima Ait-Belkacem, Jonathan Stauber, Kim Holmstrøm, Boye Nielsen, Eva Hurt-Camejo, Jan Lindeman, Hans Princen, Gerard Pasterkamp, Ulf Hedin, Alain van Gool, Dennie Tempel

Recently Adenosine Deaminase 2, has been implicated to play a role in the activation of neutrophils. We investigated this activation using the in-vitro tools and molecular imaging developed by the CarTarDis consortium and will present the results.


Inflammatory cytokine Oncostatin M induces endothelial activation in vitro and in APOE*3Leiden.CETP mice

Daniëlle van Keulen, Marianne Pouwer, Gerard Pasterkamp, Alain van Gool, Maarten Sollewijn Gelpke, Hans Princen, Dennie Tempel

We hypothesized that the cytokine Oncostatin M (OSM), which is synthesized by activated T-cells and monocytes and is relatively unknown in the field of atherosclerosis, induces endothelial activation. We will be presenting the results of our study within CarTarDis project.