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Advancing the development of life-saving drugs for cardiovascular diseases

CarTarDis consortium official end date

The EC FP7 funded project CarTarDis (Cardiovascular Target Discovery) aimed to apply the high quality expertise and resources within its multi-partner consortium to discover novel therapeutic drug targets with a high level of clinical correlation to cardiovascular disease (CVD). The project adopted a strong pharmaceutical work flow in which the 13 consortium partners formed a virtual pharma company in which human cardiovascular cohorts, preclinical models, clinical biobanks and innovative molecular staining methods played a key role. The overall objectives of the project were three-fold: 1. Identify and validate novel CVD drug targets, 2. Develop in vitro and in vivo tools to support CVD drug development, 3. Increase the knowledge and competitive position of the participating partners (notably the SME’s) in drug discovery.

We finished the validation projects with clear view on additional experiments that are needed beyond the project to provide ultimate support for the chose targets. Overall, the educational aspect of this process was highly valuable for the participating partners with still limited experience in the pharmaceutical process, one of the key objectives of the CarTarDis project. September 2017 was the final month of the project, with a closing  consortium meeting in Stockholm. A great multidisciplinary collaboration has come to its official end, even though the collaboration between the partners will continue in the future. Several partners are finishing collaborative manuscripts, doing additional experiments and setting up new collaborative projects. Dissemination of CarTarDis results continued in November and will continue also further in 2018.

Many thanks to all the partners that were partners of this excellent project team!