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Advancing the development of life-saving drugs for cardiovascular diseases

CarTarDis cardiovascular target validation workflow poster at EATRIS

Directed by the experienced pharmaceutical scientists in our team and advised by experienced drug developers and entrepreneurs in our External Advisory Board, CarTarDis designed a rational approach to accurately reflect the pharmaceutical process, adopting best practices from pharmaceutical industry from its start. First, available and emerging molecular data from three large independent cardiovascular cohorts was mined for statistical association with cardiovascular disease phenotypes, with a preference for genetic associations.  Mechanistic validation was performed using novel in vitro (cellular) and in vivo (rodent) preclinical models in which the candidate targets were studied regarding mechanism of action and role in particular aspects of the cardiovascular processes. Clinical validation was based on two unique human cardiovascular tissue biobanks and several high resolution molecular analysis methods.

The consortium and the workflow were presented in a poster at the EATRIS Translational medicine in Prague, September 2017

Poster EATRIS_ Cartardis consortium and workflow